I was hesitating about publishing my last blogpost “Daddy-Issues?”.
It felt really personal to me and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this topic with the world. Of course, I have posted tons of personal blog entries before, but for some reason it was different this time.

“Doesn’t it mean that I admit that there is stuff going on in my life that ‘I should already be ok with’, issues, that ‘should already be resolved’? Does it make me less professional, showing, that there are still unhealed wounds?”
It was the fear of imperfection speaking out of me that was not ok with me being who I am. But I am done with making demands of myself that are impossible to keep up with.
When I sent it to a friend and she said that she was really touched when she read it, I decided to post it. Yet, I felt quite uncomfortable with it.

imperfectionBeing open, transparent and vulnerable, showing my ‘imperfections’, is not an easy and definitely not a comfortable step.
However, I have learned, that it’s all I can do and be if I want to grow, if I want to live an honest and authentic life.

I rather am who I am, with all my ‘imperfections’, than trying to be someone I am not;
I rather take the risk to lose people who can’t handle me the way I truly am, than being stressed all the time about playing a role of someone who I am not.

Now, does that mean that I have to let the whole world know about my imperfections?
No. But I decided to do so, because I have learned that transparency helps other people in their own process. Might it be through the feeling of “I am not alone” or because they find ways to use the information I provide for their own healing.
Being seen, being understood creates a feeling of connection and connection heals hour hearts and our souls.