Slowly it’s getting more quiet on the island. Closing parties, streets and beaches are getting emptier, the lanes in the supermarkets shorter, and the evening sun is glowing in its golden September light…
Summertime is coming to an end and with it the craziness of a busy season.
We start noticing the tiredness and exhaustion in our bones of working long hours, that we didn’t even have time to pay attention to until now.
Time now allows us to finally do things we enjoy but didn’t have time for the past months.
It’s time to take care of ourselves again, to nourish our body, mind and soul.

Let Your Soul Fly HighAt PureOm Yoga & More in Santa Eulalia you find lots of ways to find your inner balance, vitalize your body, to quieten your mind, and to let your soul fly high. Yoga, meditations, treatments, massages, workshops, making new friends and connections, are some of the ways to reconnect with yourself.

I offer Shiatsu and Meridian Massages, Meditations, as well as Handstand and Balancing Classes at the PureOm Yoga Studio in Santa Eulalia. It’s centrally located and there is a huge parking lot just across the street.
You can come anytime during opening hours to check out the place, to try classes, to meet and get to know us.

If you want to enjoy 60 minutes of Shiatsu or Meridian Massage to relax, release tension or pain, to improve your sleep, digestion or to simply activate your self-healing powers you can now take advantage of the September-offer and get 10% off each treatment.

For more information and appointments please call 693766018 or write an email to

I’m looking forward to meeting you.