What Yoga is…

You don’t need to be spiritual or “believe in chakras”, nor do you have to speak Sanskrit to enjoy and benefit from doing Yoga.
It is a moving meditation, keeping your body and mind engaged, bringing your focus to the present moment. When the mind gets still we get into the process of growth, of self-discovery and connection.

Yoga is an instrument to reveal your inner world to an outside experience, expressed through moving the body. It uses the breath and asanas (poses) to unite body, mind and soul. On the mat we practice to be present and focused while our bodies become stronger and more flexible. But yoga goes beyond that.

Yoga is what happens once our mat is rolled up in the corner of the closet. It appears in all life events, and in all our relationships including, or especially, the one with ourselves.

Yoga is more than just poses. It is not about getting the perfect alignment, but about getting comfortable with our imperfections, with who we are. It’s about finding our Self and our truth.

• Be present •
• Lose track of time •
• Fully arrive in your body •
• Connect to your breath •
• Move mindfully •

Aside from private and one-on-one classes I also teach group classes for all levels at the Pure Om Yoga studio in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, as well as an intermediate and advanced level Handstand Balancing class.

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