I’m sitting at the beach to write today’s post.. I went for a walk and decided to check out Aquas Blancas, one of my favorite beaches on Ibiza. I love it especially early in the mornings. I used to do some Yoga in the sand, practice handstands and go for a swim.. and when it got too busy I went back home. I was really looking forward to doing it this summer as well, now that I live just around the corner.

Unfortunately after the big storms the beach looks like this:

It’s still beautiful here, but no more Yoga in the sand..

Today I have a day off, that means no massage clients, no Yoga classes and I thought that it “should” mean to also switch off my mind from “work related stuff” – but look at me, it’s not working.

But the thing is, I don’t want to completely switch off, and not even think about “work” because this is who I am. Or it’s at least a big part of who I am.

Over the past week something has shifted. After a meeting I had where I got accepted into a team of pretty awesome massage therapists, healers and Yoga teachers, that you can book online (check out Qi-biza.com) I had a moment of reflection. I realized that in the two and a half years here on Ibiza I have accomplished quite a few awesome things. Of course I can call myself lucky in many areas, but part of being where I am today (a freakin’ business owner on Ibiza.. man, do I feel grown up now that I’m paying taxes and such), is due to my work of networking, writing, research, learning, growing, and most definitely because I love what I do. And obviously, so do my clients.

This moment of reflection shifted my need to “do more” (because often I thought what I did was not enough; I should write more posts, add more interesting content, read more books, focus more on marketing etc) – more, more, more, it’s never enough. But this stress has now been released and given me more confidence, peace and clarity. And it re-awakened my motivation, my drive that comes from within, and not from the pressure I had put upon myself.