A friend messaged me about my last blog post “Change” and she said that it’s true what I write but it’s easier said than done.
Well, she is right. Of course I’d love to have a magic spell, too, that would solve all my issues and erase all my fears so I can live happily ever after.
But fairy tales end there for a certain reason: No one wants to know what happens afterwards.

Because it often is neither pretty, nor easy.
But where would the challenge be if it was too easy?
What would we learn, how could we grow and develop?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think life is only about going through hardships and growing and learning. Most of all life means having fun, being happy and enjoying the time we have as much as possible. That could mean overcoming one or another challenge but it shouldn’t be a constant battle. If it is a battle or not, eventually lies in our own power. It is easier said, and written about, than done. No doubt about that.

So how do we get started to walk the talk?


It all starts in our mind. We need to take a look at and start questioning our thoughts. Not necessarily doubt them, just question them. Inquire what you think.
Once you get aware of what you think you are able to face change and challenging situations because you don’t get drawn into the issue any longer but you can observe it and still be in control of the situation and your emotions.

Often people seek for support from a coach, or from someone who is already on that path.
If we spend all our time with people who are afraid of change and who rather stay in the illusion of safety within the limitations of their comfort zone we won’t find the courage to live change.
Surround yourself with people who welcome change in their lives with open arms.
With people who accepted the responsibility for their happiness.
With people who are willing to let go of burdens of the past to live life with joy and ease.
No one can do it for you, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.
And once we are around people who support and inspire us, who encourage us and who believe in us we naturally start to follow our own path, and we are unstoppable.
Change will not be threatening anymore but the best thing that can happen…