In order to get from where we are to where we want to be, we have to leave our comfort zone. Once we make the decision and put in some effort  we get into the flow of life and become unstoppable. We don’t need to find courage anymore, courage and determination becomes the air that we breathe.

(Too) often we go through life avoiding challenges. We rather stay in our little bubble of comfort and safety, than taking the risk to step over the edge.
There is nothing wrong with that, however, if you are one of those people, who think that there has to be more to life than work, creating a comfortable space of “safety and security”, having kids, growing old and dying, then we have something in common.

I have also lived a comfortable life so far, only taking some risks every now and then. Like traveling by myself for a few months or giving up my life in Austria to live with a man abroad. However, I always returned to the comfort zone I call “home”.
During my last trip through South-East-Asia I remembered how much I love to travel and how important it is in my life.
Not because I am trying to escape, but to find. Nothing else brings me closer to my self-constructed limitations and forces me to grow beyond them.
laugh-vintAny journey so far has reminded me of who I am and what I want in life.
But each time I went back into my comfort zone and stayed there for a while, I slowly started to forget and I lost the courage to do what I really wanted to do.

This time it was different. In Thailand I got so clear about my path, I was so determined and now everything is falling into place.
As I have written in my previous blog post, I am moving to santa eularia, ibiza, spain in two weeks, working in a friend’s yoga studio, Pure Om Yoga in which she also has space for therapies.

I will offer shiatsu, pureomyogameridian massage and coaching there, and I am already thinking about working together with other coaches and therapists, creating workshops, health programs and retreats for body, mind and soul.

“That’s a courageous step” I have heard a lot from friends over the past days. or “I wish I could do that, too” accompanied by explanations, excuses, reasons why they can’t do it.
The truth is, once we decide to change something, no matter how big or small the change is, all the reasons or excuses that we used to come up with dissolve or are less challenging than they seemed to be.
Courageous? Maybe. But I also feel like this is the right step.
How could I ignore all the sings of the universe that is showing me that this is what I need to do?
How could I not take this chance?
To me it feels like I’d need more courage to stay…