I must admit that I often felt a bit disappointed after a massage or shiatsu treatment, when I received the feedback of my client saying that (s)he is now relaxed. Something within me always thought “What? Just relaxed? Not more than that?”
Maybe I expected them to throw away their clutches, yelling “It’s a miracle, I can walk again!”, or a blind person being able to see again.

It was just recently that I understood the importance of relaxation: It is the base for healing, change and growth.
My job as a coach and Shiatsu and meridian massage therapist is to create a space where people can fully let go and just be.

Relax and HealWhen we relax, we give our body the chance to rebalance its energy and to activate the self healing powers and we can more easily relax our mind, too. And the soul will happily join in.

I used to be quite judgemental about the word “relaxation”. I put it in the corner of “wellness” and “spa”, that I connected with people who don’t take care of themselves 364 days a year and then spend one day at a spa and expect others to take care of their (poor?) health.
This might be the life style of many people. Doctor’s waiting rooms are full, and I assume, many people are just waiting for a prescription to reduce pain and to numb symptoms.

How many people are really interested in being cured?
Most people would say that they want to heal, but I believe only a few are really willing to do what it takes to get there, because it’s whether a comfortable nor an easy path.

Healing is both an active and passive process. It’s not something someone else can do for us. It means taking responsibility of our body, of our health. It means accepting the fact, that we can only heal ourselves.
Others can help us to reduce pain, treat symptoms or create a state where we can relax, so the healing process can start. That is essential, however, the real healing work lies in our own hands and it all starts with the ability to relax.

Do you want to be healthy or comfortable?
Be honest with yourself and whatever is more important to you at that moment, is fine.

In my next blog post you can read about 5 steps that may or may not be simple, but will definitely increase your wellbeing and health.