About Me

My name is Annika Sukup and I am a certified Shiatsu and Massage therapistYoga teacher and life coach and I know about the importance of relaxation. I offer my services all year around all over the beautiful mediterranean island Ibiza.

Our need for relaxation grows with the continuously increasing pace of this world, and so does the importance of finding balance and switching off the mind from time to time to connect to the stillness within.

Balance is the key in my life. Striving for and maintaining balance for body, mind and soul has brought me to where I am and what I do today.
The tools I am offering to find and maintain balance have helped me in my own life and that’s why I share it with the world. I know it works.

Don’t we all need a little bit more inner peace? An “island” within where we feel safe to let go for a moment and drop the weight of responsibilities we carry day in, day out?

I’m here to help you create this little island of peace, weightlessness and ease within and to shift the energy from the mind into the body and into the heart, whether it be through Yoga, Private Yoga classes, Shiatsu or massage or meditation and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Get in touch with me for more information…