Complement your Asana practice

Yoga is a great thing! You train your mind and your body.
A student of mine who just started doing Yoga again after a few months break, said to me after class today that now after the break she realised how much strength you need and build in Yoga.

And even though the main goal of Yoga is originally not about the body, in the Western society Yoga has become mostly about the physical practice. If it’s a good or a bad thing is just another judgement, and it’s not what this blogpost is going to be about.
This post is about the things I am missing in the (physical) Asana practice.

If you are one of those practitioners who do mostly or only Yoga, like I did over the last months, due to lack of time or energy to do anything else, then there are a few things you could do if you are interested in overall physical fitness and to avoid muscular imbalances.

Pulling is one of the things that we just don’t do in Yoga. This is mostly because with just a mat and the common used props it’s not really possible to do any pulling movements.
In my workout in the gym I now focus on exactly those movements to avoid muscular imbalances (in this case mostly shoulder area).

Exercises for explosive strength and speed like jumping are not part of an Asana practice. Of course, if we go to a Yoga class a big part of it is relaxation, slowing down and also keeping the heart rate down. But I felt like it needs a place somewhere in my physical exercise program.

Endurance and Cardio
There are some bodyweight strength endurance positions in many Yoga styles, but one focus is to keep the breath and the heart rate even. That’s why I also started to do rope jumping and running in my weekly routine.

Because of the pulling movements climbing is a beautiful training you can do to add to your Yoga practice. Since years I’ve been thinking that I want to start climbing but so far I haven’t found the motivation to do it! If you’re a climber, please let me know and force me to join you the next time you go! 🙂

If you have more ideas about what else is missing or what exercises are complementing the Yoga practice feel free to share your ideas with me!


Gift Voucher for Shiatsu / Massage

It’s your friend’s / partner’s birthday and you’re thinking about a present for him/her?
Chances are big that with a gift voucher for a massage treatment you would make them really, really happy.

“I’m too relaxed” said no one ever. In our society we’re constantly surrounded by stressors which, over time, can lead to tensions in body and mind, it weakens our immune system and it increases the chance of disease.

Massages and Yoga are beautiful ways to prevent and release stress. It is an investment in our health and sanity and in a happier life.

Shiatsu / Massage Gift Voucher

Relaxing and grounding Shiatsu and Massage treatments. 60 Minute treatment at the PureOm Yoga Studio in Santa Eularia. I will send you the voucher via email within the next 12 hours.


Grounding and relaxing treatments

Are you in your head a lot? Do you feel tensed in your body, especially in your shoulder and neck area? Do you sometimes suffer from headaches?
It sounds like you could use some grounding in your life that releases tension in your body and mind.

Shiatsu treatments are on a mat on the floor in comfortable clothes. Applied pressure with my hands, elbows and knees, rotation of joints and stretches gets the stagnated energy in your body back into flow.

You will not only feel completely relaxed after a treatment but also a sense of connection with your body and a peace of mind.

Whether you have tried Shiatsu before or not, this is your opportunity to give it a(nother) go.

I also offer treatments that are a mix of Shiatsu and oil massage.
Contact me if you have more questions or to book your appointment.


Health begins in our mind

I got some feedbacks from some massage clients I had last week that made me on one hand really happy and proud and on the other hand even more humble. I got remembered once again how intentional touch can allow someone to really relax, let go and heal.

Discomfort, tension and dis-ease begin in our mind. Stress is the most common reason in our society for all kinds of symptoms. We are constantly surrounded by stressors. Our nervous system is not built for constant stress. Our bodies are designed for short moments of stress (fight or flight) but chronic stress effects our body in so many ways that it almost gets impossible to deal with it all. Of course, an overloaded system will eventually crash. Even the most intelligent systems created by nature (one of them is definitely the human body) will eventually break down, if there is no(t enough) time to rest.

If we take time for relaxation, if we shut off our mind’s constant chatter and really let go, we give ourself the opportunity to reset, rebalance and relax.
Through my massages and treatments the body gets into a deep state of relaxation. When the mind drifts off into a different world, our body’s intelligence takes over and rebalances itself, returning to its natural state of health.

Yoga is also a beautiful way to relax. Through movements and stretching the body, our built up physical patterns through sitting long hours in the office or driving can be undone.
The breathing practices break shallow breathing patterns that often lead to even more tension in body and mind and which also causes a lack of energy.
We learn deeper and conscious breathing and through this deeper and conscious living.
A steady Yoga practice increases awareness and we get more clarity about our Selves, our values and priorities. Our physical and mental health should definitely be one of them.
Health is not a goal, it is a way of living.

Some thoughts about living 3 years on Ibiza

I am sitting on my terrace in the humid heat while writing this, a gentle breeze is doing its best to cool me down every now and then, but to no avail.
I hear water splashing and kids screaming. It’s summer time. And it’s that time of the year when I arrived on Ibiza. It’s been exactly 3 years since my move.
I try to recall what was going on in my head when I packed my stuff into my car and started driving South West. Well, whatever it was, I am sure I wouldn’t have imagined to still be here, 3 years later, living in a house close to the beach with a beautiful, loving man, running my own Yoga and massage business. But here I am.

Arriving during summer was definitely a smart thing to do. I was thrown right into the craziness of the busy time of the year without knowing beforehand how peaceful and lovely the winters are.
Some people say, you can only experience the “real” Ibiza in winter. But I disagree. Summer is not less real than winter. It’s just different. And because it’s that crazy and busy in summer we can actually afford and enjoy such a quiet and beautiful winter. It needs both, it’s all about balance.
Of course I enjoy empty beaches more than crowded ones but if I go early enough there is no one else around and when it gets busy I leave.

So far every summer and every winter has been a completely different experience for me. The first summer was about arriving and making the decision to really be here, not just physically and with my car and some of my stuff, but really BE HERE.
I met new people, I spread my roots and I discovered the island.
The first winter was about teaching Yoga and I eventually found a place to stay longterm. I started to feel “at home” and stopped to avoid getting more stuff (because more stuff would make it more difficult to move again).
The next year was about gaining more experience, learning Spanish, getting settled, it was about networking, building my website and so on.
Just before last summer I started my business, I got Spanish license plates for my car and I officially became a resident of Ibiza. It was a crazily busy summer and even though I loved it, it was also exhausting. I wanted a more balanced life, not being overworked in summer and underworked in winters, but finding a nice balance between the two.
(Yes, I know that this is just how life is on Ibiza for many people, but I knew that I needed and wanted more balance for myself).
By the end of the summer I met my partner and we moved into a lovely house in the countryside (those days I wished I hadn’t stopped to avoid getting more stuff).
I stumbled into more teaching jobs that go on throughout the whole year, I am teaching some retreats and more and more ideas and projects are happening which allows a much more balanced life.

In summery, life was and continues to be exciting and different. Not everything is the way I wanted it to be but I learned to take life as it comes. Life just happens and it’s up to us how we respond to it. If we meet it with resistance, it will be difficult and draining.
If we take it for what it is and move on, we can continue to go with the flow. There is always something to learn, and if we do, we learn to appreciate the struggles and even more so the times of ease. And I know how blessed I am to be able to call Ibiza my home…

Special Ibiza Holiday Package

You have made the smart choice to come and spend some time on Ibiza this summer?
Congratulations! You couldn’t have chosen a better destination than this stunning Mediterranean beauty of the Balearic islands!

To add the cherry on top for your vacation I offer a Special Holiday Package where I come to your villa for

• A Private Yoga Class

(Vinyasa Flow, influenced by Anusara Yoga; Beginner to Advanced, Handstand classes are possible, too; includes Meditation, Breathing and Relaxation Exercises; 75 minutes)

• A Massage Treatment

(Shiatsu or a relaxing Oil massage, or a combination of both; I use organic and aromatic oils of your choice, relaxation guaranteed).

If you are here with your family or friends and you want to have more treatments I can organise another therapist!

This is the time of the year that’s about pampering yourself, it’s about relaxation and feeling good from head to toe!
You are just one Yoga Class and one massage away from feeling better than ever!

Please get in touch for more information
and to book this Special Ibiza Holiday Package!


Summer Time, Play Time

It’s Handstand time again!
Since I got many requests for another handstand class I thought it’s time to put one on again!
On Saturday, 1st of July from 4.00 – 5.30pm at the PureOm Yoga Studio in Santa Eularia we are again turning the world upside down.

In this 90 minute class we will go through the most important basics, we will work on strength, flexibility and balance and I will also give you clues about what to focus on so you can continue practicing at home or at the beach!

It’s €15.- per person and registration is required as there is limited space (8 persons max).
I have some spots left so please get in touch via email, whatsapp or any other way you prefer to reserve a mat!

Lots of love,

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Annika Never Mind Just Be Yoga Shiatsu Massage Ibiza New

On a physical level Yoga liberates you from the knots and tensions from office work, stressful days and automatic unconscious patterns.
Yoga is the romantic date with your Ego on a mat where you get to look and sniff at each other. An open and curious encounter, free of judgement and expectation.

Click here to find out more about my Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes on Ibiza

WARNING! Yoga is highly addictive. It can lead to a fulfilled and prolonged life.

Beware of a rising sense of peace and relaxation.
Side effects: Increased mobility, flexibility, strength and awareness.

I teach Private Yoga classes all over Ibiza:
√ Beginner classes
√ Advanced levels
√ Mixed level classes and more.

Contact me to make a booking