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In modern life, why is it so important to take time to look after ourselves?
Because everyday new things are invented to keep us entertained, busy and distracted. And simultaneously, the number of anti-depressant prescriptions, burnout and disease is rising. It’s so much easier to drown out our minds with Netflix marathons, alcohol or other substances, than to slow down and to sit with all the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings or pains we don’t want to experience. Too often we forget what truly matters, and we only realise when we don’t have it anymore. That’s especially true when it comes to health. We take it for granted and we only start to change our mindset or our lives once we are confronted with the loss of it. So if we want to be and stay healthy we have to do something about it everyday.

With that in mind, who is your therapy for? 
For everyone who feels stressed, whether it’s external or internal stress. For people who feel uncomfortable and out of balance but don’t really know why. For symptoms like insomnia, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, back pains, migraines or headaches that don’t have a medical explanation. Shiatsu is amazing if people feel tense and hyper and need to relax, or when they feel fatigued and need more energy. It’s for people who want to connect to their body, for those who need grounding, and for the ones who want to reset their nervous system. And for anyone else who wants to experience the incredible effects of Shiatsu.


So what is your personal wellness philosophy?
Health is not a goal, it is a way of living. It’s the small things we do or don’t do everyday that influence how we feel. Every choice we make has an impact on our wellbeing. The choice of food, of the time we go to bed, of how we respond to stress and so on. I’m not suggesting to live like a saint or to go to bed as the sun sets, because wellbeing includes doing things that nourish our soul as well, and sometimes this can be eating chocolate or dancing all through the night. But whatever you choose to do or not do – do it joyfully and with love for yourself.

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How to – The Water Kefir Recipe

This is my favourite cooling drink this summer!
The past summers I loved to drink Coconut water as a refreshment, this summer this probiotic drink has won my heart and my tastebuds!

It’s so easy to make, otherwise I wouldn’t bother, trust me… But this is worth it!
Not just because it’s healthy, also because it’s really yummy!
Usually I don’t like to drink anything sparkly but in this case it’s so subtle that it’s just perfectly refreshing…

So today I will share with you the easiest Water Kefir recipe:

Tools you need:

The tools you need

• A non metallic drainer
• A plastic or glass container in which you can drain the Kefir
• A non metallic spoon
• Something to stir, I use a chop stick
• A bottle you can seal



• 1L water
• 3 Tablespoons washed Kefir grains
• 3 Tablespoons raw (unrefined) sugar
• Juice of 1/2 lemon
• dried fig (or any other kind of dried fruit)

How to do it:
Mix all ingredients together. I usually melt the sugar in some hot water (see image below) and add it on the end when everything is already mixed. Stir and let it stand for 48 hours in a dark, cool place. I have it in the cupboard in the kitchen.

IMG_0686 (1)
Melted sugar

After 48 hours you have the perfect refreshment,
that’s probiotic, healthy, yummy and cheap, too!
You can also leave it longer, but at least 24 hours and not longer than 72 hours.
Everything between 24 and 48 hours can have a laxative effect.
So 48 hours is ideal.

The beautiful result…

The Kefir grains will get bigger and they will get more with time.
So you can either pass them on to someone else who also wants to start making kefir.
You can also keep some aside in some sugar water in the fridge.
Make sure you change the water regularly (I usually do it once a week or after every 2nd or 3rd time of making Kefir).

‘Resting’ Kefir Grains

And that’s it.
What else is there to say?
The first ones took me a bit longer but each time I get more routine and I get more efficient.

I saw some videos where they used metal drainers and spoons. I’m not an expert but I heard from a few sources to not use any metal so I don’t. I want the best for my little ‘grainies’ 😉

You can use different sugars. But be careful with experimenting. On some pages I read that honey isn’t ideal. Sugar is the food of the grains so they should have enough so they can do their work and transform it into something healthy.
Honey or other things are not recommended, but if you have enough grains then feel free to try things out.

I have never tried Coconut Water Kefir myself but it is a possibility, too. Or using any kind of fruit juice instead of water, but for things like that ask google – they will tell you everything.

If you don’t know how to get Kefir grains – make a post on Facebook if someone you know has some, it’s very likely that they do. Or find a Facebook group (maybe one that’s about health and/or nutrition) in your area and I’m sure you will find someone who has some to give away. They are usually passed from one person to another. Otherwise there is a possibility to buy a kit online.

I am not an expert. I have started a couple of months ago. And so far I am really excited that’s why I decided to share it with you!
Feel free to keep sharing the Kefir Love around you by either sending a link to this post to your friends, and / or feel free to tag me (on Instagram or Facebook) if I inspired you to start your own Kefir Project, I’d be more than honoured!

Lots of love,


Life’s Reset Button

green rectangular corded machine on grey wall during daytimeWhat do you do when your internet stops working?
You go to the router, unplug it, wait for 10 seconds and when you plug it in again it usually works.

This moment of unplugging is important in our lives as well.

A time out of the constant input of information from the outside world, a moment of stillness, time in silence.

Living in this fast paced world that overwhelms us with responsibilities, obligations and demands we don’t take enough time and often don’t even see the importance of taking care of ourselves.
We throw in some junk food in between appointments, sleep short hours and rush from A to B to Z and feel like the world would stop spinning if we didn’t do all the things we were supposed to do.
But in order to transform our state of functioning into a sense of well-being that creates the foundation of health, happiness and ease, we have to detach and unplug and treat ourselves with love and respect.

Since we are not machines it is a bit more complex than just pulling a cord and plugging it back in.
We find our moments of resetting through different things: Yoga, Sports, sleep, a walk in nature, making a healthy meal and enjoying it with loved ones, sitting in a silent meditation, getting a massage or anything else that draws the attention and shifts our energy from the mind to our body and into our heart.

Whenever you are on Ibiza and you are in need of a massage, a Shiatsu treatment or a Yoga class, in a group or private, get in touch with me – +34693766018



My Top 5… Restaurants on Ibiza

Of course I haven’t been to all the restaurants on the island and there are probably some amazing ones I have missed so far, but from my own and other people’s experience I have talked to, here are my top 5 restaurants on Ibiza I love to go back to:

brown wooden framed gold open printed decorative signage

5. Es Alocs
We’re in Spain so I guess I also should introduce my favourite place to go for some amazing Paella. Es Alocs is closed in Winter, but it’s a must go in summer. In the shade of trees and right at Es Figueral beach you are served a paella thats rich in taste and more than you can eat. So I recommend to order for 1-2 people less than you are!

4. Osteria Pizzaria Es Figueral
If you like Pizza then you should check out Osteria Pizzaria in Es Figueral! The pizza is thin and crunchy and they are not thrifty with toppings! The staff is super friendly and here they also have a take away option. But I recommend eating there, alone the water cups, well, actually goblets, they have are top! 😀

3. Es Café Casa Pepe
It might not sound very Thai – but it is. Very much so. If you love Thai food, you will love that restaurant! Beautiful and comfortable garden, very tranquil – but busy! Make a reservation. It’s between Cala San Vicente and the village of San Vicente.

2. Bollywood
This Indian / Pakistani Cuisine is the best on the island. They use original recipes of their ancestors and make their food definitely with love. It’s right at the Marina in Santa Eularia and no matter what you choose from the menu, it will delight your tastebuds!

1. Taco Paco
This lovely and colourful Mexican restaurant in Santa Eularia is the restaurant I have been to the most. And every single time and for everyone I brought here – it was a delicious experience. It’s in Santa Eularia and a MUST GO if you are on Ibiza. It’s only open in the evenings!

La Paloma
It has to be on the list but I haven’t been there too often yet. So it is mentioned because of all the good feedback my friends also gave me when I sent them there.
You are sitting in a park-like garden with a beautiful scenery and someone brings you a plate of creative and healthy food that tastes as good as it looks. This pearl is “hidden” in San Lorenzo. – About this one I am very unsure about the opening hours. Not sure if it’s open in the evening. So go ahead and call.

Not sure why most of the restaurants don’t have their own website but only a Facebook page.. But check out their opening hours there. Also, I recommend to make a reservation ahead for all of them, especially in summer.
Here on Ibiza people usually go for dinner around 9.30 or 10pm. So if you are at the restaurants early enough you have a good chance of getting a table.

What I love about all of them – their service is great, too!
The food is made fresh so it may take a while sometime, but get a starter and you’ll be fine 😉
What I often get frustrated with here on Ibiza, if I am not going to any of the restaurants mentioned above, is waiting for a waiter to pay attention – but not at these places!
They are very attentive and if you need something they are there quickly!

I’m hungry now from thinking about all the yummy food! ENJOY! And tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you follow one or more of my recommendations! I’d be very honoured!

Lots of love,


Why meditate?

For me meditation is the next step in human evolution. Our brain was developed during the time we lived in caves, when we were threatened by sabre-toothed tigers and other hazards. It is wired to secure our survival and to look out for dangers around us.
This brain of ours hasn’t changed a lot since then. But our surroundings have.Annika Meditation Never Mind Just be Ibiza

So it is still looking out for dangers and is occupied with fears and worries because this used to be a big part of its job. It won’t help if we tried to resist worrying or negative thinking. Continuing won’t help either. 
So if we want to make the shift from surviving to living, we have to make a shift in our brain.

This requires training.

Meditation is the continuous shift of our focus – over and over again – away from fearful thinking to the present moment. Every day.
This is what we practice in meditation. This is what (r)evolutionizes our brain.

Facial Rejuvenation Massage

The facial rejuvenation massage is a natural face lifting.
It rejuvenates the skin, improves circulation, reduces and prevents lines.
Simply put: It makes you look radiant.
But it’s more than an anti-aging secret. In our face are a lot of pressure points and massaging them helps to release tension (e.g. from grinding teeth) and it has proven to be very helpful to release headaches and Tinnitus.

The Facial Rejuvenation Massage can either be done as a 30 or 45 minute treatment or you can add it to one of the full body treatments I offer.

Included Specials:
• Organic and aromatic oils // Organic Shea Butter
• Cupping treatment of face and décolleté
• Neck Massage

Get in touch for more information and book your appointment.

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Abdominal Massage

Palpation of the belly promotes health and wellness in many ways, like the relief of stress and pain and it improves the functioning of the digestive tract. Abdominal massage can go deep. This treatment can be a profound experience. It can help to release emotional traumas or stresses. Digestion and hormonal imbalance can be improved as well.

Shiatsu Massage Yoga Ibiza Annika

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Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine and a very effective way to release deeply rooted tension, especially around the neck, shoulder and back area. It helps to reduce inflammation and it is also used to reduce cellulite.
The cups create suction which increases the blood flow, boosts the immune system and activates self-healing and well-being.

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Holistic Massage

This relaxing treatment combines Shiatsu, oil massage, Reiki and it can also include Abdominal Massage, Cupping and Meridian Massage.
With essential oils and gentle, yet deep and soothing pressure this full body treatment brings ease to discomfort and relaxes body, mind and nourishes the soul.
I use organic oils and you can choose the aroma of your massage oil.
Depending on your situation we can also begin this treatment with a guided relaxation exercise, including breath work.
Soothing music and fragrance will calm your senses and bring you into a different world.

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Meridian Massage

Meridian Massage
During a Meridian Massage a metal rod (made of stainless steel or brass) is moving the energy along the meridians directly on the skin. It immediately indicates blockages within the body and brings the energy back to flow.
The pressure points on your ears show stagnation and lack of energy throughout your whole body and indicate the process of the treatment.
A Meridian Massage helps to release acute and chronic complaints.

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