The stresses and worries are written in our face: Wrinkles, greasy or dry skin, a greyish skin tone, a puffy face, tension etc. While all of this can be a result of different factors like sunlight, smoking or nutrition, stress plays a very big role in it as well.

While people go to get a massage to release tension in their neck, shoulders and back, we should keep in mind that this tension can often be caused by grinding teeth and are a result from tensed muscles in the face. The jaw muscles are for its size one of the strongest muscles in the human body. And in general are our face muscles very active.

A facial massage increases the flow of blood and oxygen. It awakens the skin, activates the cells and gives you a radiant glow. The increased circulation helps your skin to regenerate quicker from the influences from the outside world.
Working on the pressure points in the face is ideal to relax your face and even to release headaches caused by tension.

Part of the treatment are cups that are especially made for the face. I use organic, aromatic oils or organic Shea butter for the treatments. Choose the aroma of the oil you want for your treatment.

If you are curious and you want to try it out, I offer:
30 Minute face massage sessions or a
45 Minute face massage session (incl. décolleté, neck, head)

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