We all unite the five elements within us, in our personalities, as well as physically. Some elements, however, are more distinct than others. Categorising bears the “danger” of stereotyping, at the same time it can give us a better understanding of who we, or who others are, and maybe even why we are the way we are. So we can let go of judgement and replace it by acceptance more easily.

By having a greater understanding about our tendencies (and that’s all they are; they are not common facts that are true 100% of the time) we learn more about ourselves and we can more easily find our inner balance and become more happy and healthy.

The personality, our condition, is strongly shaped by upbringing, by our parents (mostly through what or how they live rather than through what they preach), family, friends, school, etc. But then there is also our individual nature, our essence.
Sometimes we – or others, might expect us to be or act in a certain way which doesn’t feel true to who we really are. And instead of trying to fit in, or trying to please others, or forcing ourselves to be someone we are not, we can also just understand and accept that we are the way we are. Because this understanding of ourselves is the first important step to be able to change, if we even want to.

The constitution, our physique, is greatly shaped by genetics, but also by what we eat, how much we move and how much we rest. Our energy level reveals the balance (or imbalance) between Yin & Yang within the body.
It’s very common that our condition differs from our constitution. Knowing about them, however, can help us, to improve our happiness and health and to increase our energy level by finding inner balance, as well as focussing on nutrition, exercise, relaxation and breathing.

Are you, generally speaking, an active person who is more comfortable moving than sitting still?
Do you recharge your energy when being around other people and do you enjoy to be in the spotlight?
Do you love to invite your friends over to cook dinner for them and to play board games?
Is making plans and to-do-lists an urgent necessity and cleanliness and structure important for you?
Are you more introverted and do you love peace and quiet, as in meditation or thinking about life and its meaning?

Stay tuned to find out more in my next blog post…