I am one of the “lucky people” who can eat whatever and whenever they want without gaining much weight, so for a long time I didn’t pay attention to whether I ate healthy or not. I loved meat and sugar (not in combination 😉 ) and I ate a lot of it.
When I had a crisis a few years ago, I started to meditate an hour every day for 6 months and during that time a lot changed. I automatically started to take better care of myself, and for the first time I also focused on my nutrition.
Without even forcing myself to anything, I naturally quit eating refined sugar, reduced the consumption of meat, switched to organic fruits and vegetables and over time I added superfoods, smoothies and juices to my diet.

I read about different kinds of diets (raw food, vegetarianism and veganism, macrobiotic, paleo diet etc), and tried a few things, but I have decided for myself to stay open for whatever feels right at the moment and not to force myself into a system that might not be working for me all the way. “Foodism” is not my thing. All people, all bodies are different and there is not “the one and only right diet” – even if some, or many, claim to be.
What’s also really important for me is to enjoy my meals. I don’t want to force some stuff down my throat, just because it’s apparently healthy. Food is as much joy, as it is a source of energy for our system.

However, living a healthy life goes beyond what we eat, it also includes what we put on our body. The skin is the biggest organ and absorbs more than we think. So if I can’t pronounce its ingredients, I am not going to eat it, neither am I going to apply it onto my skin.
Over the next year it happened that instead of buying commercialized cosmetic products, I switched to a natural shampoo and body wash, stopped buying body lotions, cremes, and deodorants with aluminium. I now only use coconut oil and almond oil for my skin. (I will write more about coconut oil in a later blog post). Instead of medical toothpaste I started using a fluoride free one, and I use Xylitol as a mouth wash.

_DSC4174It’s not just the increase of wellbeing on a physical level that I noticed. I also started to feel this inner peace and happiness when I eat a meal, knowing that I am taking care of the needs of my body.

For me it became an expression of love towards myself in a way that I can feel throughout my whole system.

I started to feel better than ever.
I realized, that health is not connected to a number on the scale and I understood that health is not just the absence of illness or disease.
Feeling good is one thing. Feeling better, another.
And my body seems to thank me for it by providing a home in which my mind and my soul are truly comfortable and balanced.

And yet there are moments where I also enjoy a greasy pizza. If I feel like eating something apparently unhealthy, I do it without feeling bad or guilty but with great pleasure and enjoyment.
For me living healthy rather means adding healthy things instead of forbidding myself things that I like and feel like eating…
I stay away from making a religion of what I eat and how to live my life. It’s too short to do anything else rather than enjoying it.