Fresh Natural Cosmetics

The world is drowning in plastic, it’s getting drained of its natural resources – and we don’t care, as long as we have all, and even more, than we actually need.

Yes, we do want to live a great and comfortable life, we want to be healthy and beautiful. But slowly we should start to wake up and see what our every day choices do to our planet.

I know you cannot save the planet alone, but we can together.

One way I decided to contribute to the problems in this world is to use and sell natural and fresh cosmetic products and supplements of an Austrian company called Ringana, that runs 100% on solar power. The company has been built of recycled materials. They use only biodegradable packaging, recycled paper and reusable glas containers. They have received various business awards, including one for climate protection.

And they are not just interested in saving the planet but also in producing only fresh and natural cosmetic products and supplements.
Ringana uses zero preservatives and only active substances in their products.
The good thing about this is, that all the ingredients are purely what the body and the skin need.
The other side of this is, that the products cannot be sold in shops because they can’t be stored for the required minimum of a year.
This means, though, that all the products are freshly produced and you can either get in touch with me to make your order, or you go directly to my webshop.

For your first order I have a 5€ discount for you!
Message me now and try the amazing products yourself – and start to save the planet today.

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