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100% Fresh & Natural Ingredients

The products are organic and plant-based and contain zero preservatives, toxins or perfumes with no genetically modified raw materials. They only contain what nature produces and what the body needs. The products are regularly produced and get shipped directly to you.

100% Active Substances

A careful processing of the ingredients allows the greatest possible naturalness of the products. This is the only way to guarantee the natural efficacy of the valuable ingredients. Based on Traditional Chinese and European Medicine and Ayurveda, the ingredients are carefully chosen and combined.


100% Ethical

The products are produced in harmony with humankind, the animal kingdom and nature. The ingredients from all over the world are fair-trade, fair paid and resource-conscious. The environment-friendly packaging materials are bio-degradable. Recycling: For 10 returned glass bottles you get a free product of your choice.


100% Consistency

High tech production, scientifically researched recipes, sterile and highly controlled bottling guarantees freshness and the highest quality. The products are packaged and shipped from one single place. The award-winning products will convince you right away.

Some of my favourite products:

Tooth oil: A natural tooth paste and/or the best option for oil pulling, an ayurvedic practice to reduce plaque and to prevent gum inflammation. Read more
Buy €12,90 – 125ml

Hand balm: Protects hands and nails and restores elasticity. It absorbs directly without leaving a greasy film on the skin. It contains daisy extract that can reduce pigment spots.
Buy €20,70 – 125ml

Foot balm: Cointains Menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil to freshen tired feet. Teetree oil is known for its antimicrobial effect. Can be used as foot deodorant.
Buy €21,40 – 125ml

Deodorant: Contains lemon verbena, orange fruit water and sodium bicarbonate that prevents body odour in a natural way. A creamy and highly effective deodorant.
Buy €22,80 – 125ml

Sun lotion: Finally an all-natural sun lotion based on minerals that’s easy to apply without leaving you pale like a ghost. SPF 20 means you can stay 20×100=200 minutes in the sun and protects 95%.
Buy €38,60 – 125ml

After sun: A tan-boosting lotion that leaves a light flowery smell on your soft and nurtured skin. It can be used all year round and it has an anti-inflammatory, cell-regenerating and antioxidant effect.
Buy €24,00 –  125ml

Cleanser: This facial wash lotion removes dirt and make-up smoothly and gives the skin a beautiful scent and freshness. Jojoba and ginkgo stabilise the skin’s natural acid-protection barrier.
Buy €22,10 – 125ml

Facial cream: Depending on your skin type those creams will treat your skin like nothing else you ever tried. It protects, calms and nourishes.
Dry skin: Rich – Buy €50,70 – 50ml
Mixed: Medium – Buy €45,20 – 50ml
Greasy: Light – Buy €41,10 – 50ml

Tinted moisturiser: It adapts to your individual skin tone and gives your skin an even and radiant look. It can be used either as a base for make-up or just on its own.
Buy €40,90 – 30ml

Lip balm: An intensive care for dry and chapped lips. It smoothens and moisturises your lips and has a glossy effect without feeling greasy on your lips. 
Buy €10,30 –  5ml

Facial scrub: My all time favourite: Your skin will never have felt this soft and fresh! The scrub accelerates cell renewal. It’s 100% micro-plastic-free and contains Matcha green tea for a vitalising effect.
Buy €40,60 – 125ml

Sample boxes: If you want to try the products there are many sample boxes with trial-size products. They are also ideal if you are traveling, as you can easily take them in your hand luggage. Get samples here.

More Products:


Hydro Serum: Buy €49,30 – 30ml
Anti-wrinkle Serum: Buy €63,90 – 30ml
Eye Serum: Buy €39,90 – 15ml


Other essentials:

Fresh soap bar: Buy €9,00 – 100g
Tonic Pure – oily skin: Buy €21,60 – 125ml
Tonic Calm – sensitive skin: Buy €21,60 – 125ml


Drinks and supplements:

High-quality Matcha Tea: Buy €39,20 – 30g
Chi-Shots: Energy booster: Buy €12,80 – 90ml
Sport caps / supplements: Buy €57,80 – 90 caps
More supplements: Click here

This is just a small selection of my favourite products.
There are many more amazing cosmetic products and supplements available in my online shop.
There you can also read about the detailed ingredients of the products.

Delivery only within Europe and to Hong Kong.

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