This is my favourite cooling drink this summer!
The past summers I loved to drink Coconut water as a refreshment, this summer this probiotic drink has won my heart and my tastebuds!

It’s so easy to make, otherwise I wouldn’t bother, trust me… But this is worth it!
Not just because it’s healthy, also because it’s really yummy!
Usually I don’t like to drink anything sparkly but in this case it’s so subtle that it’s just perfectly refreshing…

So today I will share with you the easiest Water Kefir recipe:

Tools you need:


The tools you need

• A non metallic drainer
• A plastic or glass container in which you can drain the Kefir
• A non metallic spoon
• Something to stir, I use a chop stick
• A bottle you can seal




• 1L water
• 3 Tablespoons washed Kefir grains
• 3 Tablespoons raw (unrefined) sugar
• Juice of 1/2 lemon
• dried fig (or any other kind of dried fruit)

How to do it:
Mix all ingredients together. I usually melt the sugar in some hot water (see image below) and add it on the end when everything is already mixed. Stir and let it stand for 48 hours in a dark, cool place. I have it in the cupboard in the kitchen.

IMG_0686 (1)

Melted sugar

After 48 hours you have the perfect refreshment,
that’s probiotic, healthy, yummy and cheap, too!
You can also leave it longer, but at least 24 hours and not longer than 72 hours.
Everything between 24 and 48 hours can have a laxative effect.
So 48 hours is ideal.


The beautiful result…

The Kefir grains will get bigger and they will get more with time.
So you can either pass them on to someone else who also wants to start making kefir.
You can also keep some aside in some sugar water in the fridge.
Make sure you change the water regularly (I usually do it once a week or after every 2nd or 3rd time of making Kefir).


‘Resting’ Kefir Grains

And that’s it.
What else is there to say?
The first ones took me a bit longer but each time I get more routine and I get more efficient.

I saw some videos where they used metal drainers and spoons. I’m not an expert but I heard from a few sources to not use any metal so I don’t. I want the best for my little ‘grainies’ 😉

You can use different sugars. But be careful with experimenting. On some pages I read that honey isn’t ideal. Sugar is the food of the grains so they should have enough so they can do their work and transform it into something healthy.
Honey or other things are not recommended, but if you have enough grains then feel free to try things out.

I have never tried Coconut Water Kefir myself but it is a possibility, too. Or using any kind of fruit juice instead of water, but for things like that ask google – they will tell you everything.

If you don’t know how to get Kefir grains – make a post on Facebook if someone you know has some, it’s very likely that they do. Or find a Facebook group (maybe one that’s about health and/or nutrition) in your area and I’m sure you will find someone who has some to give away. They are usually passed from one person to another. Otherwise there is a possibility to buy a kit online.

I am not an expert. I have started a couple of months ago. And so far I am really excited that’s why I decided to share it with you!
Feel free to keep sharing the Kefir Love around you by either sending a link to this post to your friends, and / or feel free to tag me (on Instagram or Facebook) if I inspired you to start your own Kefir Project, I’d be more than honoured!

Lots of love,