It’s quite exciting that this Sunday I will be in the German TV show “wunderschön” on WDR with a Yoga session about my handstand classes! I am not sure how it turned out so I hope I am not making a fool out of myself by publicly sharing this online hahaha.. Well, we will see!

Being on the show in a few days inspired me to finally do a Handstand Workshop again!
Since I am busy with my regular Yoga classes and treatments I don’t have the time to add a regular handstand class in my schedule right now.
BUT I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you in more or less monthly events that you can (and should!) sign up to!

Why? Because it’s awesome to balance on your hands.
Because by turning the world upside down you get a different view of the world and that can reveal a completely new universe.

Finding the courage to do something that scares you can and will boost your confidence. Having a goal and working towards it and seeing the progress brings you happiness and reveals the drive from within that breaks any limitations of your mind!

So on Saturday, April 22nd from 5pm I offer a 2 hour workshop where we will learn the techniques, where we focus on gaining strength, flexibility and balance and we will also learn more about the courage that it takes to do and try handstands!

Please register if you’re interested! You can send an email or call/whatsapp me! Spaces are limited (8 pax max.) and they go fast!

As usual I will do the workshop at PureOm Yoga in Santa Eularía. Find the directions here.

If you’re beginner, or if you have been practicing for a while but you’re not really getting anywhere, then this workshop is ideal for you!
I will give you a step by step program and I will also reveal the magic secret of mastering a handstand!

I am really looking forward to this, make sure you sign up and reserve your spot!