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Massage Therapy

Create moments of self-care to nourish your body, mind and soul

Available Massage Treatments

Shiatsu Treatments

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and grounding massage technique from Japan.
Clients are fully dressed on a comfortable mat on the floor while the therapist applies pressure along the meridian lines. Mobilisation of joints and stretching of muscles and tissues release tension and activate the natural flow of energy and self-healing powers.

Deep Tissue / Swedish Massage

It focuses on realigning the deep layers of muscles and tissue.
It is especially helpful for chronic pains and
 brings deep release in contracted areas such as stiff neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, as well as tightness in glutes and legs.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxing massage uses gentle pressure and invites the system to relax in a softer way. 

Esalen Californian Massage

Esalen® Massage, well known for its long flowing strokes over the whole body. It helps release the stresses of everyday life, leaving the receiver feeling whole, in a natural state of well-being.
The treatment is inspired by the rhythm of ocean waves.

Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

Osteopathy is a system of complementary medicine to treat pain, discomfort and injuries in a holistic approach. 
Physiotherapy helps to recover from injury or pain through various forms like massage, heat therapy, taping, specific exercises etc.


Reiki is a Japanese technique to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing. Hands will be placed in a gentle way on the fully clothed client to increase the life force energy.


At the moment we are working with a smaller team. So unfortunately we can’t organise treatments for you and your friend/partner/family member at the same time. We can only offer one treatment at a time – but you are more than welcome to book two treatments in a row.

Also it is not possible to choose a certain therapist. We are a team of three female and one male therapist and it’s not possible to choose a preferred gender. So please only get in touch if you don’t mind either gender.
All of the therapists are amazing and professional and we recommend them all.

Other Therapies

Chiropractic Massage

We offer mobile service
and we work at the PureOm Yoga studio in Santa Eulalia

Relaxation Package

We offer packages of 3 or 5 massage treatments for those who want to enjoy
a series of massage treatments for lasting balance and relaxation.


Monday - Sunday
All Year around

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