…and sometimes it brings us back to places where we have been before, whether we like those places or not.
Literally and metaphorically.
While traveling in Thailand I kept going back to Bangkok.
Not because I liked it, it just happened that way.

_DSC2373One of the only things I planned for this trip, was to leave that city as soon as possible.
Unexpectedly I went back there seven times during the ten weeks of my journey.
While I hardly left the hotel room the first time, because I was intimidated by media reports about the protests, I started to feel safe walking around the city by myself the second time. By the end I used the public transportation system and almost felt like a local. It became so familiar that I actually even started to like Bangkok.

It’s the same with life situations.
Some of them keep coming back, mostly the uncomfortable ones, that we try to avoid (at least those are the ones we surely remember). The ones where we feel unbalanced or insecure. The ones that are causing anger, frustration and resistance.
Sometimes we don’t even really know (or care) why we feel the way we do and the only thing we want is to escape as quickly as possible.

However, avoidance, resistance or distraction is not going to change anything on the long run. Unpleasant feelings like the mentioned ones above will keep coming back. They are a part of life. So what other options do we have?

I know, it’s always easier said than done, and yet there is no way around accepting what is.
Acknowledge that you feel like the whole life sucks shit right now and that everyone pisses you off.
Be angry. Be frustrated.
Don’t think about what you would need in that moment to feel better.
Sometimes we don’t even want to feel better, we just want to be angry like the goddamn rumpelstiltskin!

It doesn’t matter how many hours a week we do yoga, sports, talk to our psychiatrist or meditate, it is ok to be angry or frustrated. As long as we just don’t stay there.
Keep an eye open and be observant to the emotions. Know, that you are not your emotions, but they are just sensations arising from the mind. Observe what happens.
Watch your emotions and your physical reactions.
Where in your body do you feel the imbalance?
How do you react in certain situations when you are frustrated or angry?
What happens to your breath in those times? (Is it more shallow and faster?)
Yes, you can do it. Trust me, next time when your life seems to get a bit more heavy, you will remember to take a close look at yourself and stay attentive.

Why does that even matter?
This way we learn about the discomfort, instead of becoming it or pushing it aside.
It doesn’t mean that we will start to like it.
But it will lose its threat and we get a bit more comfortable in the uncomfortable.
And once we get more comfortable the resistance shrinks and we become able to deal with it.

How do you do deal with discomfort?
What helps you to find balance on rough grounds without leaving them?
You’re more than welcome to share your thoughts, questions, doubts or insights…