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Life’s Reset Button

What do you do when your internet stops working?
You go to the router, unplug it, wait for 10 seconds and when you plug it back in it usually works.

This moment of unplugging is important in our lives as well.

We all need a time out of the constant input of information from the outside world.
We all need a (few) moment(s) of stillness, time in silence, time in our inner world.

Living in this fast paced world that overwhelms us with responsibilities, obligations and demands we don’t take enough time, or often forget about taking care of ourselves.

We throw some junk food into the body between appointments, sleep short hours and rush from A to B to Z and feel like the world would stop spinning if we didn’t do all the things we were supposed to do.

If we want to be and stay healthy we have to transform this ‘state of functioning’ (which is comparable to being in survival mode) into a ‘sense of well-being’.
It’s the foundation of health, happiness and ease and we can only get there when we unplug from time to time.

Since we are not machines it is a bit more complex than just pulling a cord and plugging it back in.
We find our moments of resetting through different things: Yoga, Sports, sleep, spending time in nature, making a healthy meal and enjoying it with loved ones, sitting in a silent meditation, getting a massage or anything else that draws the attention and shifts our energy from the mind to our body and into our heart.

You know what could help you to be able to take some time for yourself?
Delegation. I might know someone who could be a perfect match…