On every corner society tells us that a relationship will fulfil us and make us happy, that we just have to find “the one” and all our problems will be solved.
Alright, I might have exaggerated a bit, there is actually another corner from which we hear that with a partner we can solve problems that we didn’t have before.
However, generally being single is seen as an in-between-state that we need to change as quickly as possible. Dating agencies are booming because what’s worse than being alone?


I can think of lots of things that would be worse, but for many people it’s different. Being single becomes threatening and scary if we believe that we need someone else to be happy. That we feel incomplete, that we are ‘not enough’.
That way we either stumble from one relationship into another, or we stay with the partner we are with, even if both of us know that it doesn’t feel right.
And still feel lonely at times. Even with a partner.


Coaching is a possibility to let go of the burden of past relationships, to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore, to reveal the patterns that we keep repeating in relationships, and in life general. We can break free of our own limitations and invite self-love and self-respect into our lives.

Being happy with oneself doesn’t mean to avoid relationships. We are human beings and we are wired to connect to one another. We will always strive for love and comfort, that is in our nature. However, if we cannot be alone, if we cannot just be with ourselves we will always get attached to someone, we will always cling to and put our happiness into the hands of someone else.
To love and to be loved freely we need to feel “whole” the way we are.
We are enough.