Today I saw a video about Tim Harris, a restaurant owner with down syndrome.
I was deeply touched, not just by the fact that he seems to have an amazing family who believes in him and supports him, to make his dreams come true (which actually reminds me of my own family).
But even more so his capability to show and express his love, that he seemed to love everyone and yet when he said “I love you” it seemed special, honest, coming deep down from his heart.

Tears ran across my face at the thought that I wished I was as wholehearted, and able to express and show my love openly to others.
More often than not I let my fears and beliefs stop myself from doing it, many times even from feeling it.

IMG_2981However, I know that what I see in others is awake within myself. My tears were just an expression of the pain that comes from the illusion of disconnection.

During my years of coaching trainings and workshops there was one exercise that I didn’t like at all. I really got uncomfortable when it came up. It was called “Appreciation Exercise”. One person after the other went to the center and everyone else had to say what they appreciated about this person.

While for some people it was hard to be in the center and to hear all the good things about themselves, I always feared the part of giving feedback and to not be able to come up with something great about the person in the center.
This exercise was not about feedback like “hey, I like your haircut” or “your jeans fit you well”. It was not giving feedback about what they have or do, but about who they are, and in that sense actually about what I see in them and therefore about who I am. But back then I didn’t know that and it stressed me each time.

And yet, by the end of the exercise I loved it and I felt truly fulfilled, because when it was my turn to express my appreciation of something about someone, I just connected with that person from a space of love and acceptance.
IMG_2353Words came out of my mouth and I wondered myself where they came from. It was like I was breaking through to the barriers of my thoughts and beliefs right into the center of love and connection.

We don’t even need to know a person to be able to say something good about them. I have also made the experience that I don’t have to know a person to feel love for them. But this is going to be another story.