With Meditation I had this on-off-relationship for years. Sometimes I took it more seriously and sometimes less. I’m talking about my own regular home practice, not about attending a Yoga class or going to a one-time event.
You know how it is. Life comes in between and we lose track easily. Even as a Yoga teacher on Ibiza this happens.

Finally I got back into it again. And I wanted to share two really amazing Apps that makes it so much easier to get started and/or to keep going.
Both apps are free, but they have some special features you’d have to pay for if you want them. But the free version of both is already incredible.

Insight Timer
Annika Ibiza Never Mind Just Be Meditation Yoga Massage ShiatsuIn this app you can find anything. There are so many different guided meditations from so many different meditation teachers. There is also just meditation music; or you can also just set a timer and do your own meditation.
If you sign up and get the unlimited version you can also do courses, create playlists etc. But the free version already has such a huuuuuge offer that you’ll probably never can do them all!

Annika Ibiza Never Mind Just Be Meditation Yoga Massage Shiatsu Private Yoga HandstandThis is an amazing way to get into meditation if you start from zero and if you are not quite into anything “spiritual” or “esoteric”. The explanations, instructions and the illustrations are so down to earth, so easy to understand and incredibly cute that you will want to do the whole 10 day course right away.
You will really get the picture and the benefits of meditation.

Get the apps, try them out and let me know how it’s going for you!