It’s an island so there are lots of beaches to choose from. There are also some hidden ones that you can only access via hour long walks, by boat or on very bumpy gravel roads. And usually they are really small and therefore they seem crowded, too, at least in summer.

So this list only talks about easy accessible beaches. If you want to be on the beach by yourself: Go to the beach early in the morning while every one else is still lined up at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.
In summer during the day all of those beaches get crowded. They are not “hidden gems” on the island. But they are really beautiful and early morning they all have their magic.
Be at the beach at 7 or 8am or for sunrise and see for yourself…

5. Cala D’Hort
This beach is in the West of Ibiza and has a beautiful view of Es Vedra. If you get there later you will not find parking there so make sure you arrive early enough.

4. Ses Salinas
Salinas beach is so amazing for taking a walk in winter, autumn or spring, when it’s not warm enough to swim (although if you are a fan of Cryotherapy, this might be for you anytime of the year). If you walk all the way past the end of the beach (towards the left when facing the sea), leaving all the beach clubs behind, you will find some small little sandy bays which are amazing!
In summer there is only paid parking now from what I heard.

3. Cala Llenya
This is more a family beach because it’s easy accessible (also with strollers). The beach is not that long but quite wide. It’s beautiful because the water there also often has a turquoise color and you can clearly see the sandy ground.

2. Aguas Blancas
This beach is quite long and if you don’t mind walking a bit you will find an emptier part of the beach, and also naked people. The upper part of the beach is the nudist zone, so if you like to be tanned where the sun usually doesn’t get to, then feel free.
I love this beach because of the rocks to which you can swim. And if you know from where to jump into the water doing this is quite fun, too!

1. Cala Boix
This little bay is a few beaches down south of Aguas Blancas. The water is crystal clear, usually it’s very calm and there is lots of parking at the top. It’s a short way down and there is a nice little chirinquito (beach café) as well.

I really love Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta – but they closed the road to go all the way down in summer so you have to park further up the road and walk down. If you arrive later you have to park even further away and take a shuttle bus to get there. Because of that I didn’t put it in my list, although it would deserve to be there.
Cala Salada however is also an amazing place to go in winter for a little hike!

Cala Comte and Cala Bassa are also beautiful but in summer it’s too crowded and I don’t like the huge Beach Club and overpriced Restaurants there..
But check it out, the scenery is stunning.

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