Of course I haven’t been to all the restaurants on the island and there are probably some amazing ones I have missed so far, but from my own and other people’s experience I have talked to, here are my top 5 restaurants on Ibiza I love to go back to:

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5. Es Alocs
We’re in Spain so I guess I also should introduce my favourite place to go for some amazing Paella. Es Alocs is closed in Winter, but it’s a must go in summer. In the shade of trees and right at Es Figueral beach you are served a paella thats rich in taste and more than you can eat. So I recommend to order for 1-2 people less than you are!

4. Osteria Pizzaria Es Figueral
If you like Pizza then you should check out Osteria Pizzaria in Es Figueral! The pizza is thin and crunchy and they are not thrifty with toppings! The staff is super friendly and here they also have a take away option. But I recommend eating there, alone the water cups, well, actually goblets, they have are top! 😀

3. Es Café Casa Pepe
It might not sound very Thai – but it is. Very much so. If you love Thai food, you will love that restaurant! Beautiful and comfortable garden, very tranquil – but busy! Make a reservation. It’s between Cala San Vicente and the village of San Vicente.

2. Bollywood
This Indian / Pakistani Cuisine is the best on the island. They use original recipes of their ancestors and make their food definitely with love. It’s right at the Marina in Santa Eularia and no matter what you choose from the menu, it will delight your tastebuds!

1. Taco Paco
This lovely and colourful Mexican restaurant in Santa Eularia is the restaurant I have been to the most. And every single time and for everyone I brought here – it was a delicious experience. It’s in Santa Eularia and a MUST GO if you are on Ibiza. It’s only open in the evenings!

La Paloma
It has to be on the list but I haven’t been there too often yet. So it is mentioned because of all the good feedback my friends also gave me when I sent them there.
You are sitting in a park-like garden with a beautiful scenery and someone brings you a plate of creative and healthy food that tastes as good as it looks. This pearl is “hidden” in San Lorenzo. – About this one I am very unsure about the opening hours. Not sure if it’s open in the evening. So go ahead and call.

Not sure why most of the restaurants don’t have their own website but only a Facebook page.. But check out their opening hours there. Also, I recommend to make a reservation ahead for all of them, especially in summer.
Here on Ibiza people usually go for dinner around 9.30 or 10pm. So if you are at the restaurants early enough you have a good chance of getting a table.

What I love about all of them – their service is great, too!
The food is made fresh so it may take a while sometime, but get a starter and you’ll be fine 😉
What I often get frustrated with here on Ibiza, if I am not going to any of the restaurants mentioned above, is waiting for a waiter to pay attention – but not at these places!
They are very attentive and if you need something they are there quickly!

I’m hungry now from thinking about all the yummy food! ENJOY! And tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you follow one or more of my recommendations! I’d be very honoured!

Lots of love,