Sunsets are nature’s daily miracles that we just don’t get tired of watching. That’s why the sunset spots can be quite crowded, but it’s still worth checking them out!

1. Es Vedra
This magic and magnetic highlight Ibiza’s is impressive any time of the day. But during sunset it glows in it’s highest form.
You can either try to find the top spot that gives you a stunning view over Es Vedra (turning into the little camino on the left following the purple sign, it comes before heading down to the beach Cala d’Hort) or you go down to the beach and watch it from there.

2. Punta Galera
Close to the beautiful beach Cala Salada is this stunning spot Punta Galera. To get to the beautiful formation of rocks you need to do a short and fun little hike. Bring a torch if you stay longer so you find your way back to the car!

3. Cala Benirras
If you go there on a Sunday you can combine it with joining the drummers. If crowded beaches are not your thing choose any other day of the week to enjoy the stunning sunset from this side of the island.

4. Behind Torre de Portinatx
I only discovered this gem a few months ago but I have been there several times since then to watch nature’s spectacle. It is quite a secret spot to watch sunsets, I haven’t seen many people there!

5. Cap des Falco – Experimental Beach
This beautiful spot before Salinas beach can get quite busy because there is a fancy bar that’s usually full. But it’s a spacious area so you can walk away from the business and enjoy the sunset in silence. Make sure you bring a coat or something, this place was always windy when I was there.