I got some feedbacks from some massage clients I had last week that made me on one hand really happy and proud and on the other hand even more humble. I got remembered once again how intentional touch can allow someone to really relax, let go and heal.

Discomfort, tension and dis-ease begin in our mind. Stress is the most common reason in our society for all kinds of symptoms. We are constantly surrounded by stressors. Our nervous system is not built for constant stress. Our bodies are designed for short moments of stress (fight or flight) but chronic stress effects our body in so many ways that it almost gets impossible to deal with it all. Of course, an overloaded system will eventually crash. Even the most intelligent systems created by nature (one of them is definitely the human body) will eventually break down, if there is no(t enough) time to rest.

If we take time for relaxation, if we shut off our mind’s constant chatter and really let go, we give ourself the opportunity to reset, rebalance and relax.
Through my massages and treatments the body gets into a deep state of relaxation. When the mind drifts off into a different world, our body’s intelligence takes over and rebalances itself, returning to its natural state of health.

Yoga is also a beautiful way to relax. Through movements and stretching the body, our built up physical patterns through sitting long hours in the office or driving can be undone.
The breathing practices break shallow breathing patterns that often lead to even more tension in body and mind and which also causes a lack of energy.
We learn deeper and conscious breathing and through this deeper and conscious living.
A steady Yoga practice increases awareness and we get more clarity about our Selves, our values and priorities. Our physical and mental health should definitely be one of them.
Health is not a goal, it is a way of living.