Every human being has at least one scar: The navel.
Usually we get more scars throughout life, may it be through:

  • Surgeries (tonsillectomy, c-section, episiotomy, appendectomy…)
  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Removal of moles or birthmarks
  • Bone fractures (bone scars) or
  • Piercings and tattoos

Our body produces scar tissue so that our skin can fulfil its protective function.
However, often scars run across the meridians and cause a disruption of the energy flow in our body.
This can lead to pain and tension, not only in the local area, but in any part of the body. It can, in fact lead to disease, food intolerance, indigestion or chronic discomfort.
Even small cuts on fingers can cause trouble in the energy system, since many meridians start or end in the fingers.
Not every scar causes disturbances and not every scar needs treatment.

How do I know if a scar does need treatment?
If one or more of these signs apply:

  • Your scar is sensitive to touch, itchy or painful
  • Numbness of the scar tissue
  • Scars that got cut more than once
  • Physical symptoms (that seem to have no medical explanation)
  • Sensitivity to changes in the weather

It doesn’t matter since when you have the scar. It can start to affect you even if you lived with it for years without any symptoms or problems.
Part of Meridian Massage is scar treatment. if you are curious and you want to learn more about it, or to get an appointment you can contact me here.