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Time to set a dot

When we have so many things to do and we don’t know anymore what to do first, because everything has to be done, ideally at the same time, and then there are those things that have to be done that might have even more priority but are less fun to do so we postpone them and procrastinate but that creates even more stress in our head and the only thing we are looking for is to finally be able to set a dot – and here it is: .

To set a dot in your workday is as important as it is in my blog posts. You have many options to set dots. For example with a priority list. You can devide your to-do-list in 4 categories:

e.g. tax declaration, activities or projects with deadlines

e.g. personal goals, free time, education, but also creating blog articles / newsletters

activities that have to be done now like emails, phone calls but also events

things we do to procrastinate / distract ourselves like cleaning up files, formatting

If you take a few minutes to categorize your endless to-do-list the world immediatlely looks a bit more friendly.
Now you can focus and work it off, one step at a time.

Keeping your focus on just that next step that’s in front of you is essential. Take some extra time to plan ahead and look into the closer and further future. That can prevent some headache now.

By the way, activities in basically all categories above you can also outsource and delegate. For example to me.