When is Shiatsu useful / recommended?
• To release acute and chronic pain (head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, migraines…)
• To solve sleeping problems (falling asleep or sleeping through)
• To let go of stress related complaints (tensions, weak immune system, etc)
• To improve digestion and release digestive issues
• To ease and prevent PMS, menstrual and menopausal symptoms
• If you need to relax or if you need more energy
• Always

Shiatsu and Meridian Massage are rooted in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is about maintaining and improving physical, mental and emotional balance and health, based on the philosophy of Yin & Yang, the five elements, the meridian system and acupuncture points.

HaraShiatsu is a therapeutic massage using pressure on acupuncture points and meridians. Clients are dressed in comfortable clothes on a mat on the floor. Shiatsu has grounding, balancing, relaxing and vitalising effects at the same time. Abdominal Massage can be a part of the treatment as well.


MMDuring Meridian Massage a metal rod (made of stainless steel or brass) is moving the energy along the meridians directly on the skin. Scar treatments are an essential tool to release blockages that can arise after surgeries or injuries that leave scar tissue.


Cupping skin

Cupping is one of the most effective ways to release deeply rooted tension, especially around the neck, shoulder and back area. It increases the blood flow, boosts the immune system and activates self-healing.

What happens during a Shiatsu treatment?
• The blood flow gets increased
• Your immune system gets a boost
• Joints will be mobilised
• Muscles and tissues get stretched
• Release of tension and stress for body and mind
• You are more balanced, centered, relaxed and energised
• Your wellbeing improves

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Please note that therapies and yoga do not replace medical treatment.
In case of acute pain or disease, please consult your doctor before making an appointment or before attending a Yoga class. Thank you!

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