Relaxation on Ibiza

Here you have an overview of the treatments I offer:

Shiatsu is a grounding and relaxing treatment that aims to recreate a natural state of balance within the body. Stagnated energy gets released through profound pressure and gentle stretches of the muscular system and rotation of joints so it can flow freely throughout the body.
Shiatsu shows great improvements for stress related complaints like insomnia, indigestion, PMS, back or neck pain and migraines.
Please wear or bring comfortable clothes for this treatment.

Meridian Massage
During a Meridian Massage a metal rod (made of stainless steel or brass) is moving the energy along the meridians directly on the skin. It immediately indicates the blockages within the body and brings the energy back to flow. Meridian Massage helps to release acute and chronic complaints. 

Holistic Massage
Shiatsu and a relaxing oil massage and can also include Abdominal Massage, Cupping and Meridian Massage.
With essential oils and gentle, yet deep and soothing pressure this full body treatment brings ease to discomfort and relaxes body and mind.

Cupping is one of the most effective ways to release deeply rooted tension, especially around the neck, shoulder and back area. It increases the blood flow, boosts the immune system and activates self-healing.

Abdominal Massage
Palpation of the belly promotes health and wellness in many ways, like relief of stress and pain and it improves the the functioning of the digestive tract.
It brings the attention inside, to our center, it awakens our intuition, the “gut feeling” and gets us back in contact with ourselves. It is also used to work on emotional release.

Scar Treatments
Scars can interrupt the energy flow and lead to sudden complaints, even in other areas of the body, and even months and years later. Not every scar needs a treatment, however, if the scar tissue and the area around the scar is itchy, tingly, numb, hot or cold or if it bothers you in any other way, a treatment is recommended.

I offer mobile services as well as services at the PureOm Yoga Studio in Santa Eularia.
Directions and map you can find below.
Please get in touch for an enquiry and to book your appointment.

Please note that treatments and massages do not replace medical treatment.
In case of acute pain or disease, please consult your doctor before making an appointment.