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Shiatsu is a grounding and relaxing treatment that aims to create a natural state of balance within body and mind.

The therapist applies deep yet conscious pressure along the meridians (energy lines) to establish a free flow of energy in the body. Mobilisation and stretches are part of the treatment. Bring or wear comfortable clothes for the treatment.


A Holistic Relaxation Massage combines Shiatsu, Oil Massage and Reiki.

It can also include Cupping and / or abdominal massage. Sound Healing, beautiful scents and relaxing music will guide you into deep relaxation, for body, mind and soul!


Abdominal massage is the palpation of the belly and organs.

It promotes health and well-being in many ways: It improves digestion, emotional release, reduces PMS and brings hormonal balance. It also strengthens the immune system. It’s also ideal if you want to feel more centered.


Cupping is a very effective way to get the blood flow moving.

This way deeply rooted tension can be released, especially on the upper back and shoulder area. It’s used to improve circulation and to reduce inflammation. It is an ancient technique and it has incredible effects. It can be included or combined with the treatments above.

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