Shiatsu and Massage Ibiza

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Here you have an overview of the massage treatments I do on Ibiza.
I offer mobile service or you can come to the PureOm Yoga studio in Santa Eularia.


Amazing Shiatsu Ibiza Never Mind Just BeShiatsu is a grounding and relaxing treatment that aims to create a natural state of balance within the body and mind. The therapist applies deep yet conscious pressure along the meridians (energy lines) to establish a free flow of energy in the body. Mobilisation and stretches are part of the treatment. Please bring or wear comfortable clothes.
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Massage Ibiza Never Mind Just BeA Holistic Relaxation Massage combines
• Shiatsu
• Oil Massage
• Reiki and it can include Cupping, Abdominal Massage and/or a facial rejuvenation massage. It’s deeply relaxing for body, mind and soul!
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Facial Massage

A facial massage rejuvenates the skin, improves circulation, reduces and prevents lines. Get a youthful and radiant skin and release facial tension. It’s a deeply relaxing treatment. And did you know that Tinnitus can come from tension in jaw and neck? A massage can bring relief! Please click here to read more.




Abdominal massage is the palpation of the belly and organs. It promotes health and well-being in many ways: It improves digestion, emotional release, reduces PMS and brings hormonal balance. It also strengthens the immune system. It’s also ideal if you want to feel more centered.
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Cupping Ibiza Never Mind Just Be Relax Massage Yoga

Cupping is a very effective way to release deeply rooted tension, especially on the upper back and shoulder area. It improves circulation, helps reduce inflammation and is also used to reduce cellulite. It can be included or combined with one of the treatments above. Click here to read more.


What to expect?

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Make an enquiry now!

Massage Enquiry

I recommend to make your appointment about 1-2 days in advance, in summer about 2-3 days in advance.
But don’t hesitate to ask for a short notice treatment. If I am not available I can connect you to other amazing therapists.

Call, message me or use the contact form for any questions and enquiries.

You receive a response within 12 hours max.
If not, the message got lost in the web of the wide world, so please try again.

Rates available upon request.

Cancellation policy: I have a minimum 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy.
If an appointment is missed, canceled or changed with less than 24 hours notice, there will be charge of cancellation fee.

Please note that treatments and massages do not replace medical treatment.
In case of acute pain or disease, please consult your doctor before making an appointment.

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