IMG_9089If we want to feel more balanced, increase our energy level, our health and wellbeing, we don’t always have to change our whole life. Here are a few ideas you can easily implement into your daily routine without much effort:

  • Wake up gently

If you have a hard time getting your energy going in the morning, although you got enough sleep, try to use an alarm that allows you to slowly slide from the sleeping state into waking up.
An alarm tone that raises your pulse from a resting state to high causes stress, that costs your body a lot of energy to recover from.
If you believe that you won’t wake up with a more silent alarm, try the ascending function or set a second alarm as an ’emergency plan’.

Try to not eat too late in the evening and calculate about 3 hours between your last meal and bed time. If your body is busy with digesting during the night, it will not get the rest that it needs, to let you wake up in the morning fully recovered.

  • Support your body to “save energy”

To support your system and to regulate the acid-base-balance of your body, drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice before breakfast. (Use a straw to protect your teeth!!). It helps improve your digestion and I noticed that my skin got clearer since I drink it daily.

In general drink warm water instead of cold beverages, or else your body needs more energy to warm it up. Also, according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) warm water balances your system and has a detoxifying effect.
Quit drinking carbonated water. The carbonic acid was originally just added for preservation.
Replace fruit tea with herbal tea since fruit tea can increase the acid content in your body.

Forget the ‘minimum-3-liters-of-water-a-day’-myth that we once read in magazines.
A more realistic point of reference is the following calculation:
Your bodyweight times 3 divided by 100 is what we ‘should’ drink a day. But of course, it also depends on how much fluids we lose during the day (through sweat, urin, we lose more if we have diarrhea and so on).

  • How to boost your energy flow in the morning

Your hairdryer can do more wonders than just putting your hair in shape: Use the warm air to blow from the big toe along the inside of your legs up and from the hips along the outside of your legs back down to the toes.
Repeat this circle on each leg a few times and feel the warmth and energy flow increase and spread within your whole body.

  • How to deal with the craving for sweets

IMG_2621Often we crave for something sweet after a meal. Or in between meals. Or maybe even all the time. Instead of eating a chocolate bar (if it’s not a raw-vegan lovechock with dried coconut sirup instead of white or brown sugar), there are so many other yummy options.
A craving for sweets might be just a sign of your body that it didn’t get the minerals and vitamins that it needs.
So instead of ‘poisoning’ your body with white sugar you could combine an apple with mixed nuts and dates!
Another option is to combine almond butter (or any nut butter that you like) with a banana. Although, any fruit is a good replacement for chocolate (or refined sugar) and a healthy gratification for the craving.

Try whatever seems to be easily realizable and give yourself some time. Just make sure to do it daily. Often we don’t even notice the changes, because we easily and quickly get used to feeling better.

What daily routine(s) do you have that increased your wellbeing?
I’d be happy if you shared your experiences!