Did you already take some time this year to go out into nature
to become aware
 of the songs of the birds?
To enjoy the colourfulness of the plants?
To inhale the smell of the blooming flowers and bushes?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is assigned to the wood element. It stands for growth and expression. Now is the perfect time to also show our blossoms, to develop and live our potentials. Let’s take nature as an example and let’s shine in all our colours and magnificence.


Let’s not compare ourselves with other people. It doesn’t make sense to do so, even if someone does the same thing we do.
For me it would be Shiatsu for instance. Of course it is important to learn the techniques and to understand the theory, however, that alone is not Shiatsu.

I have my own and personal way to touch people. No one else does it in the way I do it. Of course, my way is not suitable for everyone, and that is totally fine. I wouldn’t have the time for so many clients anyway 😉

Shiatsu is a connection between two people that works well for one another or it doesn’t.
And that’s the same with everything we do.
imageIn what part of your life can you shine and sparkle in your personal way and touch other people?
Are you doing it? Or are you holding yourself back because you believe that someone could be better at it than you?
Or because you find all kinds of reasons and excuses to not do it?

Let go of  any limiting thought and take a look at nature: Every flower blossoms as much as it can, in its whole beauty and it doesn’t get irritated by the beauty of the other flowers.