When I returned to Vienna, after my almost 3 month trip through Thailand, I reserved Sundays for myself.
I created an all-day-appointment in my calendar, repeating each week, named “Retreat Day”.
Those days I kept free from work, appointments and obligations as much as possible.
I reserved that time to do things I wanted to do for so long but never took (enough) time to do them, like reading interesting books that were patiently waiting next to my bedside table, taking a hot bath, writing, meditation, yoga, getting a massage or Shiatsu treatment, taking a walk in nature, going to the sauna, sometimes also meeting lovely, inspiring friends I haven’t seen in a while, cooking a lovely meal for myself, or trying recipes that I was curious about…

The list goes on and on, and I did whatever felt right and good that day.
Sometimes it was not possible to reserve the whole day, so I just used the time I had.

Don’t we all need more time for ourselves?
But don’t we find so many excuses why we just don’t have the time for it?
“I don’t have time” is just a thought in our head that becomes true, if we believe it.
We all have 24 hours a day available and it is up to us, how we use it.
Yes, of course, we need to sleep, work, eat, and all of that uses up most of our time.
But there is still enough just for yourself.
The key is to take time and to write it down, as if it was an appointment with a very important client – which it actually is, and let nothing else come in between.
Even if it’s just one hour a week.
To support you, and of course, also myself, to take the time for ourselves I offer weekly meditations.
They are every Thursday from 7.00pm – 7.30pm and afterwards I teach a gentle 75-minute Hatha Flow Yoga class at the Pure Om Yoga Studio in Santa Eulalia.

I hope you find some time for your lovely self soon.