It’s incredible how intelligent the human body is. It’s always present and it immediately gives us signals if something is out of balance (most commonly due to stress). The first signals are easy to ignore and most of the time, that’s exactly what we do.
So usually our body will send us different or clearer signals like tension, pain, and discomfort. We might experience problems with sleeping, with digestion or hormonal imbalances. But if we let it, the human body has the capacity to heal itself.
When we listen to our body and if we give it what it needs – attention being at the top of the list, followed by nutrition, movement, relaxation and more – the body’s own intelligence (it has an integrated pharmacy and can produce all it needs for self-healing) does what it needs to bring itself back into balance. But for this, it needs time and a cooperative mind.

Most of the time our minds are worrying and stressing out about things (that usually are out of our control anyway) so it can’t support the body’s intentions to heal itself.
Meditation can help. If we learn to control our thoughts instead of being controlled by them, we can begin to cooperate with our body and self-healing can take place.

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This post is inspired by the interview by White Ibiza with me “Ibiza Top Therapists”.
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