The energy supply system of the body is comparable with the one of the electricity system. In order to get light, we need the following things:

  • A cable – meridians
  • A light switch – acupuncture points
  • A light bulb – organs

If even only one of these parts show some kind of defect, the electricity (qi/chi) cannot flow – the light will not shine.
You can also compare the body with a garden, like in the following little story that I heard about in a Meridian Massage class. It gives us a good understanding about what could happen if we don’t take enough care of our energy system.

A gardener, who got tired of carrying the can with water (energy) around in his garden (body), to water the flowers, trees and bushes (organs, muscles, tissues), started to plan an irrigation system.
He built a smart channel system (meridians) with automatic flood gates (acupuncture points) that carried and spread the water.
With blind trust in his system he sat down in the hammock and got lazy.
After a while he got up because he noticed vermin and bugs (disease) in his garden. He found plants that were rotten, others were dried out and some were infested by parasites.
He first thought if he should replace some of the plants (surgery) and if he should use poison (medicationdrugs) against the parasites. He took a close look and discovered that his watering system wasn’t working properly. At some places the channels were too deep and too full (full condition – too much Qi/Chi) and the plants started to rotten. At other places the channels didn’t carry enough water and the plants dried out (empty condition – not enough Qi/Chi).
He kept exploring the garden and soon found a rusty flood gate. In front of it the water had become a stinky reservoir (stagnation).
The gardener repaired the flood gate, went over the channels with a spade and brought the water on stream again (Shiatsu, Meridian Massage).
The garden recovered quickly.
The gardener decided to regularly take inspection rounds (take care of his body) and to service and maintain the watering system (living healthily and preventively).