With this post I am trying to put into words what makes my massage treatments unique, and why it might be exactly what you need right now.

_DSC2503Writing this, however, might also narrow down the number of people who want to come for a treatment. But I have come to the conclusion that I rather work with a smaller number of people and be as fulfilled and excited as my clients, than to sell myself and work for the sake of earning money.

In my practice I treat a maximum of 5 clients a day with enough breaks in between, because I want the last treatment that I give, be as high of quality as the first one.
A treatment is meditation for me: Being present and mindful to the client’s energy and to what I feel, I just breathe and send a signal of safety and acceptance of what is. Staying in the present moment and keeping the presence guarantees the quality of a treatment.
It allows my clients to let go fully and in a state of deep relaxation, their body mind and soul find the stillness to recover and activate the powers of self-healing.

roseI am curious about the people who are on my mat.
In order to support them on their way to get where they want to be, or to find out where they want to get, I am not focusing on their problems, their tensions or complaints. I try to look behind the mask, and listen in between their words and together we reveal the potential that waits to be awakened within them.
The potential to health, happiness, inner peace and freedom.