The meaning of the word “welcome” is “gladly received”, “acceptable” and even “appreciated”.
The German word “Willkommen” comes from: “Came, according to (my) will/wish”

IMG_4413Sometimes we get into uncomfortable situations from which we just want to get out of as quickly as possible, that don’t seem to have happened according to our wish at all.
Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. We’ll never know. Fact is, sh*t happens.
And experience showed me, that resistance won’t help, in any kind of situation.
I think we have all heard the quote “what we resist persists”.

The Welcome-Training allows us, to simply accept and acknowledge what is.
We don’t have to like it, nor do we have to be grateful for it, but in order to be able to do something about it, we first must accept the fact, that we are in that situation.
The Welcome-Training helps us, to not drown in the “problem”, but to be and stay centered, focused and able to act, instead of re-act.

Reacting is the easy way. We get an impulse, and in some way or the other our emotions are stimulated, and instantly we react to it. It comes uncontrolled and afterwards we often feel sorry about it.
Acting, however, includes this short moment of reflection, it is the awareness of conscious choice. It offers a second possibility, it is the second path that arises within us, that we can choose to take, the moment an impulse is about to have an impact on our emotions and actions. It is the awareness, it means being present.

The Welcome Training applied in a conflict or challenging situation, in the moment of an arising storm of emotions within us, is:

  • The little pause and stillness that brings clarity and insight.
  • The deep breath we are able to take, when our throat seems to get tight.
    (may it be anger, frustration, impatience, desperation…).
  • The ability to choose the harder path of taking conscious action, instead of the easier one of re-action.

And yet we can still choose to react.
The difference lies in the CHOICE.
If this is the case, then we can welcome the fact, that we reacted and get in peace with it, instead of beating ourselves up, that we let our emotions take control of our behaviour.

The Welcome Training is not about becoming like a robot, an emotionless machine, that says “Yes” and “Amen” to everything and everyone. Not at all.
It is the realization that whatever someone does or says “to us”, is not personal. Nothing is personal. Ever. I will get more into this in another blog post.

The Welcome-Training needs practice and time, like a muscle, that needs both, training and relaxation to grow.
We can do this little practice everyday, either in the morning before we get out of bed, or at night, before we fall asleep.

You can also apply it before that important phone call you’ve been avoiding for a while, or before any challenging situation that we can’t procrastinate any longer. You can do it before you enter any situation that makes you uncomfortable or insecure.
Welcome the fact that it IS uncomfortable and yet, needs to be done.

photo (10)The training is simple and works like this:
Put your right hand on your forehead, the left hand at the base of the back of your head and repeat and feel the following affirmations 3 times:

“I welcome myself.
I welcome the people that are crossing my path today.
I welcome all of today’s challenges.”

Sounds simple, and yes, the training is simple. The “arena” is the “real world” out there, that’s when it counts. The important thing is to be patient with yourself, if you are not, who will be?