On June 12th, 2006 I had my first shift at the wombat’s hostel in vienna. today, exactly 8 years later, on June 12th 2014 I quit the job, that I kept holding on to until now for reasons of security and comfort, and of course because it was a fun job.
But now the time has come to leave.
In the beginning of July I will move to Ibiza, Spain, to work at my friend’s yoga studio PureOm Yoga. Check out the homepage, this place is going to be really amazing!
It’s actually more than a yoga studio. There is also a tea lounge and a room for therapists and this is where I come in. Starting in July I will offer Shiatsu, Meridian Massage and life coaching at my new home in Santa Eularia.

Today I came back from Ibiza. I was there the last 5 days to talk about everything with Lija, and also, of course, to see her again and check out how I feel and if I even want to live there.

new life

Yup. I do want to.
Nevertheless, I was torn between excitement and fears and I was overwhelmed by the thought of all the things that I would need to organise, by worries that I might be too late to find a place to stay that I can actually afford.
But I am impressed how fast all the important things are getting done with ease and clarity.
And of course there are still a lot of thoughts about if I will have enough clients, if I will earn enough money and so on…
But I trust that everything will work out and that I am supported not only by the universe but also by my family and friends and I know that this is the right decision and this is the next step.
I only have another two weeks in Austria, so who still wants to enjoy a Shiatsu or Meridian Massage treatment from me and who doesn’t necessarily want to come to Ibiza to get one, should be quick 🙂