Welcome in a sacred space of the world wide web
my new website and blog


This is the result of my experiences especially over the past few months, but of course also from the past 11 years when I started to realize that I am responsible for my own life. I don’t mean things like being on time, paying my bills or birth control, but the responsibility for my thoughts that create my life.
Sometimes I wonder if life was easier if I could just blame others for whatever seemed to have gone wrong and if ‘waking up’ to a conscious life was a curse or a blessing. I guess it can be both. Luckily there is no way back. And if I had to decide again, I’d take the same path.

One of the most important insights I ever had is the one that everything starts with a thought.

Our life is the result of what we think and of the thoughts we believe.

I am now starting to realize on a new level how limiting some of my beliefs were.
The moment I stop believing them I break free; when I realize that it’s just a thought and it’s most likely not even true; or that it is only true as long as I believe it.
My vision of who I am and where I want to be and what I want to do becomes more and more clear. I’m finding the courage to expand and explore the depth of my being, and I am now allowing myself to dream big.
If I believe in myself then I will do anything to reach that goal.
My biggest challenge, though, is to take the risk to fail. And I am finally willing to face it.