Vinyasa Flow Yoga

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On a physical level Yoga liberates you from the knots and tensions from office work, stressful days and automatic unconscious patterns.
Yoga is the romantic date with your Ego on a mat where you get to look and sniff at each other. An open and curious encounter, free of judgement and expectation.

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Private Yoga Classes on Ibiza

WARNING! Yoga is highly addictive. It can lead to a fulfilled and prolonged life.

Beware of a rising sense of peace and relaxation.
Side effects: Increased mobility, flexibility, strength and awareness.

I teach Private Yoga classes all over Ibiza:
√ Beginner classes
√ Advanced levels
√ Mixed level classes and more.

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Enjoy the Beauty Of Ibiza

The stunning sunsets and jaw dropping sceneries of this magical Island Ibiza will make you ponder the question if you have arrived in wonderland. Well, you most definitely have!

You can sweeten your time in paradise even more with a Private Yoga Class or a relaxing and nourishing treatment to forget about the stresses of the past and let go of any worries about the future and connect to the most precious moment: The Now.