As a Shiatsu therapist I move the energy in my client’s (fully clothed) body with my hands, knees, elbows or fingers, along the meridians (energy channels) that run through the whole body.
Pressure, rotational movements and stretching increase the blood flow, as well as the energy flow within the client’s body. I let myself sink in, using gravity and my bodyweight to blablabla…

Enough of the technical information.
You want to know what really happens?

You get touched.
Deeply touched.
Not superficially, not just on the surface, but the touch goes deep into the system.

You get touched with my full attention, with my full presence, mindful to your energy and your needs.
You find support in that touch, trust and guidance.
You get touched with warm, sensitive and accepting hands.
This touch is loving, gentle but firm, and it encourages your body to do its job: healing and regenerating itself.

You get to feel comfortable even in discomfort.
You get to deeply connect with your self, with your body, mind and soul.
You connect with your breath, so you, too, can become fully present in the now.
You become mindful to the signals your body is sending out to you, so you can support yourself in the best possible way.

You get to experience a feeling of being nourished and nurtured, moved and touched.
You get the chance to fully relax, and just be you.
Nothing to do, nothing to fix, nothing to pretend, no show, no mask needed, you get to be the beautiful, real you.
You get to feel the ease and lightness of being alive…

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