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Why meditate?

I personally believe that meditation leads us to the next step in human evolution. Our brains developed during the time we lived in caves, when our lives were threatened by sabre-toothed tigers and many other hazards. So our brain is wired to secure our survival and to constantly look out for dangers around us.
Our circumstances and surroundings have changed a lot since then, but physically our brain hasn’t.

It is still looking out for potential dangers more or less all the time and is occupied with worries and fears – because this used to be a big part of its job. It wouldn’t work if we tried to resist those worries or negative thinking. Neither would it help if we continued this path.

So if we want to shift from survival mode to a joyful life we have to make that shift in our brain.
This requires training.

Meditation is the best training for this: the continuous shift of focus away from fearful thinking and constant chatter to the present moment, to silence. Over and over again.
Ideally every day. Even if it’s just a few minutes.
The brain needs training, like our muscles do. And with time we can extend our attention span and get more and more present in the moment.
This is the practice of meditation. This is what will (r)evolutionize our brain.

If you are absolutely not into meditation and you think it’s not for you – then you probably need it more than you think.
If you don’t have time for meditation, then you definitely need it.
I can take some work off your hands so you can dedicate some more time to your personal evolution…