For me meditation is the next step in human evolution. Our brain was developed during the time we lived in caves, when we were threatened by sabre-toothed tigers and other hazards. It is wired to secure our survival and to look out for dangers around us.
This brain of ours hasn’t changed a lot since then. But our surroundings have.Annika Meditation Never Mind Just be Ibiza

So it is still looking out for dangers and is occupied with fears and worries because this used to be a big part of its job. It won’t help if we tried to resist worrying or negative thinking. Continuing won’t help either. 
So if we want to make the shift from surviving to living, we have to make a shift in our brain.

This requires training.

Meditation is the continuous shift of our focus – over and over again – away from fearful thinking to the present moment. Every day.
This is what we practice in meditation. This is what (r)evolutionizes our brain.

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