Private Yoga

My classes are adapted for all levels. I emphasise on a safe practice through clear alignment instructions and mindful movement. You get variations and modifications to explore your strengths and to respect your limitations. The use of props like blocks or straps are beautiful tools to invite support in your practice.

Vinyasa Flow influenced by Anusara Yoga
In my dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes I guide you through creative and powerful sequences that lead you towards your comfort zone and beyond. That’s where the magic happens.
I focus on the exploration of sensation in your body and mind and a deep connection to your breath as you create stability, strength, flexibility and awareness.
I integrate seated, standing, balancing and reclined postures, pranayama and meditation in my classes.
I also teach hand balancing postures, handstands, headstand and other advanced poses.

Restorative Yoga
If we push our comfort zones enough in our everyday life, we sometimes need exactly the opposite: The freedom of doing nothing. In a restorative class we unravel and release tension in a gentle and nurturing way. Holding the mostly seated and reclined postures for longer periods of time, reawakens the power within. So do breath, relaxation exercises and focussed attention.

Private Yoga Classes
I teach private one-to-one Yoga classes or private groups. Working with your individual needs and goals, or just the luxury of practicing in your own space, can give you a deeper experience of Yoga and of yourself.

If you’re interested to join my regular open Yoga classes, come to the PureOm Yoga Studio in Santa Eularía. In my event calendar you will find out about the next class and workshops I teach.

I teach Yoga classes in German, English and Spanish.

Do you want to dive deeper into the experience of Yoga?
Come to my Yoga Workshops or book your Yoga Retreat with me.

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