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Yoga & Movement

Annika is a movement enthusiast with experience in martial arts, gymnastics, parkour and freerunning, cross-training, natural movement and more.
She is a certified and experienced Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher, inspired by Anusara Yoga and natural movement.



In my dynamic Vinyasa flow classes I guide you through creative and powerful sequences. We are connecting postures (asanas), focusing on breath and conscious movement while you get to explore the beauty of being yourself.
My classes build up step by step to prepare you to go from easy to more complex asanas and movements.


As kids we just move and play, it’s our nature. As we become adults we lose this instinct and we begin to lack mobility and elasticity. This dynamic class is designed to regain natural human movement skills and playfulness. I combine Yoga, natural movement (animal movement) and body-weight training. Training can be fun and it should be!

Handstand Classes

If you want to get a different perspective on life, why not look at it from upside down?
Handstands are fun and an amazing way to train your whole body and your mind. It teaches focus, relaxation in tension and great awareness of the body.
I offer simple step-by-step guidelines, individual tips and tricks so you can safely begin or improve your journey to handstands.



Training the mind is like training a muscle.
It’s simple, yet it’s not easy to create a state of inner peace and stillness. Guidance can be a great support as we begin our meditation practice. My Yoga classes always include a short meditation practice. I also offer guided breathing meditation and Yoga Nidra – the yogic sleep.

Restorative  Yoga

If we push our comfort zones enough in everyday life, we sometimes need exactly the opposite: The privilege of doing nothing.
In restorative Yoga we consciously allow ourselves to slow down. Holding the seated and reclined postures for longer periods of time, using the support of lots of props like blankets or blocks we can reset our nervous system and find deep relaxation.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a delicious practice that’s designed around stillness and space. It’s about cultivating awareness for what’s happening while you hold gentle and passive stretches for longer periods of time. The aim is to regenerate the connective tissue that connects everything within (muscles, bones, organs, skin, brain, lymphatic system, nervous system, etc).

Handstand Workshops

Turning the world upside down requires quite some courage.
If you are curious and eager to learn handstands but you don’t know where to start, or how to continue, then private sessions are a great way to work individually with where you are. Together we will safely work towards progress in your handstand practice so you can finally find trust and balance on your hands.

Private Beach Yoga

Feel the breeze of the wind on your skin, and the tickling warm rays of the sun as it begins to rise above the horizon. Breathing in the rhythm of the waves of the sea, inhaling the pure salty air, exhaling what you no longer need. Move and unwind your body and mind, preparing for a new day full of adventures.
Have you ever experienced the beauty of doing yoga early in the morning in nature? This is your chance…

Yoga and Massage Package

I offer a special package for private 1:1 Yoga classes followed by a relaxing and nourishing massage treatment,
both adapted to your induvidual needs and desires.

I teach 1:1 Yoga classes for any level of experience.
Get in touch with me if you want to combine Yoga classes and massage treatments.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." ~Bhagavad Gita

"Yoga is not about Being good at something. It is about being good to yourself."

"You cannot always control what happens around you. But you can control what goes on inside and how you choose to react."

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.


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