Yoga & Movement

My classes are a creative and playful mix of Yoga and natural movement.  You’ll be challenged to explore and expand your limits, while having fun. Moving with me will bring you out of your mind and into your body. As we create strength and mobility in the physical body we also transform our state of mind. Movement is life. And life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

The classes are adaptable for all levels. I emphasise on a safe practice through clear alignment instructions and mindful movement. You get variations and modifications to explore your strengths and to respect your limitations.

Styles I teach:

Vinyasa Flow influenced by Anusara Yoga

Yoga is the romantic date of your Self with your Ego. A mindful flow of asanas (poses) and conscious breathing will guide you to inner peace and deep connection.

In my dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes I take you through creative and powerful sequences. They are built up step by step to prepare the body from easy to more complex asanas and movements.

Yoga Moves and handstands

Liberate your body and mind from tightness and stiffness, undo the knots and tensions, and get back into the natural, smooth flow of life.

This dynamic and playful class is designed to regain natural human movement skills. It combines yoga, handstands, natural movement and body weight exercises. The focus is on creating stability, strength, mobility, flexibility and balance in body and mind.

Restorative and Yin Yoga

Reset your nervous system and turn your attention inwards. Slow down and feel the freedom that arises when you don't react.

Reset your nervous system and turn your attention inwards. Slow down and feel the freedom that arises when you don’t have to react.

If we push our comfort zones enough in our everyday life, we sometimes need exactly the opposite: The privilege of doing nothing. In a restorative class we consciously allow ourselves to slow down
Holding the seated and reclined postures for longer periods of time with the support of lots of props allows deep relaxation.
In Yin Yoga we want to feel a deeper sensation as we stretch the connective tissue in long held passive, meditative poses.

Private classes

Shiatsu Massage Yoga Ibiza Annika

I teach private one-to-one classes or private groups. Working with your individual needs and goals, or just the luxury of practicing in your own space, can give you a deeper experience of Yoga and movement, and of yourself.

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