Yoga Workshops

• Align Your Self in Sun Salutations
This 2 hour workshop is designed to find the right alignment that suits your unique body. Basic postures in Surya Namaskar A and B are explored in detail as they are essential for Flow Yoga classes and are the basis for many other standing postures. If we take enough time to really feel how a pose feels in our body we activate the muscle memory. Then we can focus more on the subtler happenings while practicing Yoga.

• A Change of Perspective: Handstand Workshop
In 2 hours I will reveal one of the most important secrets to master a handstand. We will go through the techniques, a flow and an aimed workout to create the needed skills for handstands: Strength, flexibility and balance. You get a step-by-step plan to continue practicing at home safely and we will also figure out what you personally need to focus on to eventually get your hands dirty. Literally.
This workshop invites playfulness, courage and confidence on and off your mat.

• The Power Of Silence: Meditation and Pranayama Workshop
The constant chatter of the mind often seems like an untameable monkey that’s jumping from one thought to another, that’s why Buddhists call it “the monkey mind”.
When we learn how to tame this monkey we are able to reveal a profound power within us. In this 90 minute workshop we want to set the foundation of peace of our minds through meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).