Today is finally the day of the Yoga Workshop “Align Your Self in Sun Salutations”! I had to cancel the one I wanted to do in February because I had a sore throat and no voice. But today I am fit as a sneaker, as we would say in Austria, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

The idea for this workshop came during the first part of the Yoga Teacher Training here on Ibiza that I was doing with Suzanne Faith at the end of January. Lots of times I see misalignments in my students practice and I help them to realign their posture to avoid injury.

However, there is something quite common in the Yoga world (and any other world that involves repetitive movements) which is called Repetitive Strain Injury. Students feel fine after a class but one day they wake up and can’t move their shoulder, or have pain in their wrists or elbows etc. This can be due to repetitive misalignment or overuse of muscle groups, nerves or tendons that can and should be prevented. And beyond other things, this is my job as a teacher. Helping them to feel great and happy during or after class is a beautiful job, but it’s important to maintain this over a longer period of time, months and years into their practice.

I mostly teach Vinyasa Flow classes, and often enough I take time to explain things clearly, specifically challenging and more demanding poses, but this interrupts the flow of the class (which sometimes is an important thing to do, of course, safety first!) but there is never enough time to go through each and every pose in detail. Also, every student has their strengths and weaknesses, and one needs more attention due to their short hamstrings, while someone else has less open shoulders and so on.

And then I know how fast we can forget. So what I also want to achieve with this workshop is to stimulate muscle memory. If we take enough time in the postures and if we understand them, we will more easily remember and we can pay less attention to that and instead focus more on the breath and on conscious movement.

I have a few spots left, so if you are spontaneous enough, make sure you call or message me and reserve your mat! Lots of love, Annika